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For the class of 2025, the college application process has been so much more than your ordinary gather-your-SAT-scores of every application cycle. Many of you did not get the opportunity to fully demonstrate your academic potential nor did you get to boost your extracurriculars resumé by participating in that special summer program you have been so desperately waiting for. Nevertheless, despite the challenges experienced throughout the summer and fall, let us continue to have our fingers crossed until your hard work and dedication come to fruition, starting with the early decision results due to be announced in early to mid-December as well as the regular decision notifications that take place up until early April. Below is a decision notification chart for almost 50 of the top-ranking colleges in the nation. Feel free to come back anytime to see our latest updates as schools may come up with last-minute changes to their decision announcement dates!

Sky Admission is the world’s leading educational consultancy. At Sky, we are dedicated to enhancing the college admissions preparation experience for ambitious students worldwide. Our priority is to help every student we work with achieve their full potential. We design a unique, individualized college preparatory roadmap focusing on each student’s strengths to optimize their chance of admittance to their top-choice schools. Our customized, tailored curriculums and action plans set our services apart from and above the more generalized competition.

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