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About Us

Our goal is simple:
Help our students identify their abilities beyond their highest academic potential.

A note from our Director:

"After teaching more than 4,000 students in test prep subjects including the SAT, TOEIC, and TOEFL for international students, I can say with confidence that college prep education is an effective investment with life-long returns


I have witnessed numerous cases where a "B" student received admittance to a highly selective school (an institutions with less than 10 percent admittance rate) and an "A" student was rejected despite their phenomenal academic profile. This is why I don't believe in a secret formula to successful college admissions. The admissions landscape in the United States has dramatically evolved over the past few decades, with universities requiring high caliber candidates to not only demonstrate academic excellence, but to also effectively distinguish themselves as unique individuals that will enrich the student body.


At Sky Admission, we strive to equip our students with the tools they need to reach beyond their highest academic potential. All of our counselors and academic advisors dedicate much of their effort to providing our students with the mentorship and guidance that they need to become independent thinkers and future impact-makers in any field they decide to pursue."


Seo Kim

Founder and College Counselor

Columbia University M.A.

UC Berkeley B.A. 

Our Mission

Sky Admission is the world’s leading educational consultancy. At Sky, we are dedicated to enhancing the college admissions preparation experience for ambitious students worldwide. Our priority is to help every student we work with achieve their full potential. We design a unique, individualized college preparatory roadmap focusing on each student’s strengths to optimize their chance of admittance to their top-choice schools. Our customized, tailored curriculums and action plans set our services apart from and above the more generalized competition. 


In addition to our world-class admissions consulting services, we provide premium test-prep programs. We understand that every individual has different academic support needs. Our test prep courses and subject-based tutoring are available all-year-round, equipping our ambitious students with the strongest tools for academic success.  We attract only the brightest and most experienced instructors around the globe, and pass their skills on into the highest academic performance for our students.

Our Mission

Our Elite Counselors & Instructors

Our team of elite counselors, essay specialists, and academic mentors all have years of experience providing insightful and authentic expert guidance to students seeking undergraduate or graduate admissions to top-tier schools in the United States. Each of our counseling and academic mentors graduated from a prestigious university and they boast a long list of successful admissions results.

Ms. Kim
Founder, Director

Columbia University

M.A. Human Rights

University of California Berkeley

B.A. Political Science

University of California Los Angeles

Extension Certificate in College Counseling

Ms. Kim has been teaching test prep subjects for over eight years and has been guiding high-caliber students gain admissions to top-tier U.S. universities since 2015. With the help of Ms. Kim's expert college counseling guidance, her students have begun their successful academic journey at elite schools including Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Stanford, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, NYU, and USC, to name a few. One notable highlight of Ms. Kim is that she has taught over 4,000 students (South Korea & U.S. combined) in the first two-years of her teaching career. She loves to engage with students and parents from all over the world.

Ms. DeBenedictis

Academic Mentor

Harvard University

B.A. English Literature

Magna Cum Laude

Goldsmith University of London

M.A. Creative and Life Writing

Ms. DeBenedictis has been tutoring test prep and other subjects for over six years and really enjoys working with students. She graduated from Harvard College in 2019 where she studied English and French. For the past year she has been living in London while completing an M.A. in creative writing and working on a novel. Her expertise with Sky Admission includes college application essays and intensive critical reading and writing book clubs.

Ms. Kolding

Academic Mentor

Yale University

B.A. English

High School Teacher

Certified by the State of CT

Ms. Dumler
Academic Mentor

Cornell University

B.A. Comparative Literature

Magna Cum Laude

Ms. Kolding is a certified, College Board-trained high school English teacher with three years of experience teaching AP English Language and Composition. Also a poet and botanist, she is a Renaissance woman who tutors writing, science, and math with ease. Her expertise with Sky Admission includes intensive reading and writing classes in prep for national competitions such as the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Young Arts' National Arts Competition.

Ms. Dumler has been tutoring test prep, essay writing, and literary analysis for over six years, focusing on developing clarity of thought and sincerity of expression with her students. With a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University, she particularly enjoys thematic and stylistic analysis and, as a visual extension of these interests, has published a short book on modern Dutch architecture.  She focuses on high level SAT Reading with students at Sky Admission.

Mr. Verney
Academic Mentor

Princeton University

A.B. English

Published Author

Mr. Verney spent his college years in Princeton's Creative Writing Program, where he mastered to critique student writing under the guidance of professors such as Jeffrey Eugenides and Edmund White. Since graduating, he has written his first novel. At Sky Admission, he prepares students for national writing competitions such as the Bennington Young Writers Awards, YoungArts, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and The Princeton Ten-Minute Play Contest, as well as helping them hone their reading and essay writing skills in our Book Club.

Mr. Bonetti
Academic Mentor

Duke University

B.A. Philosophy with Minor in Statistics

Mr. Bonetti graduated from Duke University with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Statistics. He has years of experience working for a youth mentorship nonprofit, coaching high school students in college readiness and social entrepreneurship. He is passionate about helping students realize their full potential. At Sky Admission, he curates and teaches philosophy with mission to nurture the young minds with deeper capacity to think critically and independently. In his free time, Mr. Bonetti is an avid singer and has performed as a lead baritone in several opera productions.

Mr. Weiss

Academic Mentor

Yale University

B.S. Biomedical Engineering

Stanford University

Ph.D. Bioengineering (current)

With his engineering background, Mr. Weiss has been tutoring both high school and college students for the past four years in several subjects, including calculus, physics, programming, and SAT/ ACT math. He hopes to continue teaching during his Ph.D. while conducting research on engineered heart tissue therapeutics. Mr. Weiss teaches various mathematics classes ranging from Algebra to Multivariable Calculus and advanced college-level maths.

Mr. Gomez
Academic Mentor

U.C. Los Angeles

B.S. Chemical Engineering

U.C. Santa Barbara

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering

Mr. Gomez is a Ph.D. student in quantum materials engineering, where he uses knowledge of chemistry, physics, and math every day. He has tutored these subjects to high-caliber high school and college students since 2013, and enjoys breaking down difficult concepts in an intuitive way for learners of all types. Aside from coursework, Mr. Gomez has worked as a scientist and engineer for NASA, UCLA, UCSB, UC Davis, Chevron, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Mr. Pramanik

Academic Mentor

University of California Berkeley

B.A. Political Economy

U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph.D. Dept of Public Policy (current)

Mr. Pramanik has experience writing for a variety of notable audiences, with his work in international development and diplomacy cited in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Foreign Policy Magazine, and the Congressional Research Service. Students that Mr. Pramanik has worked with have been admitted to top 20 universities at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Mr. Warfield
Academic Mentor

Harvey Mudd College

B.S. Mathematics and Physics

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)

Physics Researcher

Mr. Warfield a Ph.D. student at CU Boulder working to perform precision tests of fundamental physics with optical atomic clocks. He graduated with a joint degree in Math and Physics from Harvey Mudd College where he did research in string theory and in dark matter detection. He has over five years of tutoring experience at the college and high school levels, and seeks to help students build up their own first principles based understanding of challenging concepts.

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